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Private Medical Clinic

A private medical clinic

Crea-MeD is a private general medical clinic that does not participate in the Public Health Insurance Plan provided through the Régie de l'assurance-maladie du Québec.

Crea-MeD is quite unique as a private medical clinic in that it offers a wide spectrum of comprehensive anti-aging and functional medicine, while developing constructive partnerships with highly specialized medical teams.

Private medical services

  • family medicine
  • annual check up and exam
  • general medical consultation
  • metabolic, endocrine and nutrition counseling
  • treatment of menopause, andropause and osteoporosis
  • erectile dysfunction treatment
  • PAP test (vaginal cytology) in liquid medium, colposcopy or HPV
  • screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • private laboratory services
  • vaccinations
  • Preoperative evaluation and postoperative follow-up

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